Cookies Policy on our website

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or device when you visit our website. Thanks to this file, the website retains information about the visitor’s steps and settings, such as login name, language, font size and other display settings, for a certain period of time.

Cookies are stored on the user’s computers to provide access to various functions, to increase the effectiveness of your visits of our website, to remember browsing preferences, which allows us to easily navigate our site, and to collect analytical information. Cookies allow us to collect information about the use of our website better.

Cookies are used mainly for the following purposes:
• navigating users to the relevant parts of the site;
• ensuring that the site looks consistent over different browsers and devices;
• ensuring the functionality of complex areas of the site;
• track summary statistics about site visits to improve the site performance

However, we do not collect your personal data and information in any way. Only the unique identifier is stored, which allows us to reload the user’s profile and preferences the next time you visit the website.
Cookies are subject of European and Slovak laws on personal data and privacy protection Specifically, this issue is addressed by Act No. 351/2011 on electronic communications. According to Article 55, paragraph 5:
“Anyone who stores or obtains access to the data stored in a user’s terminal equipment shall be entitled to do so only if the user concerned has given his consent on the basis of clear and complete information on the purpose of its processing; the use of the relevant settings of a web browser or other computer program shall also be deemed to constitute consent for this purpose. “

If the use of cookies is refused, our website will be still available for visiting however, some functions may work to a limited extent.

The use of cookies can be rejected by setting it in your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default.