Secure Commander

A revolutionary monitoring service which has been verified-by-years and providing our customers with active motor vehicle guard without a need of unnecessary additional devices.

You can always rely on SECURE Commander service thanks to:

Modern monitoring sensors and tools
The service includes several different tools for sensing your vehicle condition: shock sensor, vehicle tilt sensor, vehicle position sensor and others, which however, in order to protect and keep the reliability of the service, cannot be published.
Active NON-STOP monitoring
We also provide 24-hour supervision - dispatching, for this type of service. The device is non-stop connected to our system and in case of activation, a quick threat identification process follows.
Threat detection process
If the system detects that the vehicle has been opened or tampered, it sends the first alarm to the headquarter within 20 seconds. Within the next 20 seconds, our dispatchers will identify whether the owner or another unauthorized person is at the vehicle. If the person is not identified as the owner, and the vehicle is set in motion, they proceed according to the tuned scenario - contact the client directly, contacting the relevant state administration body and cooperation in detaining the vehicle.
10-year hardware warranty
The service hardware is purchased only once. In addition, we take care of its proper functioning and service for the next ten years. For example, if the hardware gets broken, it will get replaced with a new one free of charge.

SECURE Commander service is based on the Vision network service and operates in all of Europe. Currently, there are over 250 companies or individuals that are our customers.

The price for the complete hardware security is 549.60 € excluding VAT. It also includes an installation, a license and activation of the device.

Regarding the service, there is a monthly service fee of € 18.70 excluding VAT including server, hardware, and software management.

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