Vehicle monitoring

Vehicle monitoring is an integral part of the daily company routine, but also of individuals who own one motor vehicle at least.

Our CCC (Commander Control Car) system successfully helps in the following areas:

Business companies
it helps increase the efficiency of Sale Representatives´ work, reduces administration plus saves time, increases the good distribution efficiency.
Logistics and transport companies
it significantly helps increase the efficiency of vehicle utilization and also increases the safety of transported goods. It also helps reduce operating costs - by eliminating fuel expenses.
Building companies
increases the work efficiency of construction machines, secures machines against theft, increases the work efficiency of construction workers.
Technical services
clearly declares the services provided to a customer and also increases the work efficiency of field workers.
Private individuals
by the use of GPS units, we monitor everything that moves on land, water and in the air.

Technical system options:

online availability of information via a mobile application or the web
automatic connection to the largest refuelling companies
automatic connection to delivery and logistics companies via API interfaces
open web service, connection to various economic and attendance systems
to generate and evaluate domestic and foreign travel request forms automatically, monitor fuel consumption and its level online, complete economic reports and bills, route planning and optimization
over 250 individual SW and HW solutions

Technical options of GPS units:

basic tracking of the current vehicle position available to be seen on any computer connected to the Internet, or in a mobile application.
recording of every vehicle movement, calculating a large number of drive parameters, recording and playing back the driving history on a map.
Good driving
driver's driving style analysis, which shows a driver´s most often mistakes made when driving a vehicle.
log-in driver possibility into the vehicle via selected identification keys (Dallas, RFID, own cards) or a mobile application.
Basic vehicle data
connection to the vehicle control unit and transfer of basic consumption data, engine speed, fuel level and other parameters to your system.
Add-on units
monitoring of an add-on unit, such as hydraulic arms, beacons, cargo doors, thermometers, pumps, etc.
By connecting the GPS unit to the vehicle's tachograph, the system allows the DDD files to be automatically downloaded and archived.

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