A Tachograph is a recording device that records the driver's activity and vehicle speed over time. Downloading Tachograph data manually is time-consuming, so we have another way for you. Download tachograph data automatically!

Main Benefits

Easy data access

Practical Questions

What will the Tachograph bring to drivers?

  • minimal worries about recording tachograph data
  • clear graphical representation in the system and the possibility of editing
  • notification of the need to calibrate the tachograph
  • prevention of fines for non-compliance with mandatory data downloads
  • increased work discipline and better efficiency at work

Important for functioning

Downloading of DDD files

DDD files are downloaded from two types of Tachographs: Siemens VDO and Stoneridge SE 5000. It is provided by the installed GPS unit.

In order to download data at preset intervals from the vehicle Tachograph and from the driver card, it is necessary to install the driver – Remote SCard Reader – Teltonika – v4.1.6.

The controller must be installed on the computer to which the company tachocard is connected.

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