Darling monitor

A unique mobile GPS monitoring system, which provides customers with immediate information about the location of the monitored subject.

It has three basic functions:

1. Real-time monitoring
It allows to search and check the position / movement of the subject in real time.
The location is shown on precise maps with an emphasis placed on clear and easy orientation.
It contains the possibility of setting the so-called safe zones, such as a house, school or leisure centres. When the defined safe zone limit is overpassed, the device sends a warning notification. The notification can come either in the form of an alarm or to a specified email address.
2. Active dispatching
For this type of service, we also provide 24-hour supervision - dispatching. The device is non-stop connected to our system and in case of activation using the alarm button (located on the device) we immediately contact the responsible person and call back to the monitoring device. After analysing and assessing the situation, we provide urgent assistance and contact the relevant authorities.
3. Mobile phone function
It is also possible to use this device as a mobile phone at any time too. The call is limited to two predefined numbers. The call is only one-way - the device can only receive calls. The price of the call is included in the price of the device itself.

All this can be done by one small box measuring 2x4x4 cm, which is activated by movement. It sends the location data to our system at minute intervals.

It can be used both for monitoring people (children, seniors, couriers, rescuers, tourists and the city police) and for monitoring mobile property (cars, heavy machinery, rental companies). Furthermore, our customers have also used it in areas such as hotel industry, logistics and hunting.

The complete price of the device with settings, customization, delivery and training is 99 € without VAT.

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