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Since its establishment in 2005, our company has become a Slovak leader in the vehicle monitoring GPS segment with a market share of 30%. We provide complex solutions for our customers who, thanks to our know-how, specific knowledge, a wide product portfolio, our own system, quality hardware, 24/7 hotline and a wide service and assembly network, benefit from plenty of useful services with high added value.

Company vision

We want to keep our leading position in the market - in technology and innovation too. In the upcoming years, we are planning to further interconnect our system with other corporate, economic or logistics systems to help our clients alleviate the administrative burden as much as possible.

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Company values
Company Ethics Standards- 5P

We don’t really take these 5Ps as empty phrases, but we do try to be truly pro-client oriented to the maximum extent possible. If you ever feel that it is not so, we will appreciate to share your comments at and so we can improve.
For us the “impossible" does not exist and our people always try to find a solution that could solve the clients´ problems or make their work easier.