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Commander Services facilities and services

What should I know about Commander Services?

What devices are installed in vehicles?

Our services are based on the proven quality of the equipment used and the professionalism of our technicians. We have long-term cooperation with suppliers who are one of the leaders in GPS localization. Every single device is certified, checked before installation and then tested. We take full responsibility for the quality of the equipment, the professionalism of the installation and the functionality. Important note: installation of the device is not subject to approval by the vehicle manufacturer or the dealer. If you have any questions, please contact our legal department.

Is Commander a reliable partner?

Our good name and reliability is proved by the feedback from the well established  companies that are our clients. Their statements are available on the reference page. Another important element is the guarantee we provide to our clients.

What guarantees do you guarantee me?

Installing a GPS unit requires technician intervention in the vehicle. By law, third parties have the right to intervene in all parts except the control unit. Commander Services assumes warranty for the parts that the technician intervenes in when installing the equipment. You do not have to worry about any penalties or unrecognized warranty from the vehicle manufacturer or dealer.

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System access and changes

How do I log in to Commander Control Car via computer?

How do I log in to the Commander Control Car system in the mobile application?

You can also log in to the Commander Control Car system via the mobile application, which you can download for both iOS and Android. The login details for the application are the same as when logging in via the website. You can learn more about the mobile application in an article on our blog.

Who can request the creation of a new access in the Commander Control Car system or changes in user permissions?

The creation of a new access or change of settings can be requested by an authorized person of the company, a company managing director or a user of the initial (main) access. The authorized person is appointed by the company managing director on the basis of a power of attorney provided by the Hotline department on request.

How do I request access to the system or change permissions?

A request for access or changes is made exclusively by e-mail. Send your applications to The application is available to be downloaded on our website in the Download document section, applications and forms.

How long will it take to make system access changes reflected finally in the system?

Every change made in the system will be reflected in the web application within 30 minutes. In the case of a mobile application, it is necessary to log out and log in again.

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Basic concepts and operations in the system

What is the difference between the Logbook and the Trip Report?

Can I set up a logbook to be automatically sent directly to my email?

Yes, the system offers this setting. You set the function in the section Vehicles – Activity Report – Quick Reports – New Report. Here you specify what the report should contain and what period the data should be processed for (e.g. a logbook always for the whole last month). Then you enter this Quick Report into the rule in the Quick Reports section – Sending Settings – Add Rule.

What is Import Refuelling – Blacklist?

This function of the system is used to exclude data from the refuelling import. In the “blacklist” you simply save the names of the refuelling cards which you do not want to receive refuelling from and that data will not be included in the import.

How do I correct the characters of Vehicle Registration Plate (VRP) in the system?

When installing the GPS unit into a vehicle, our technician will add this vehicle to the list of vehicles. Among other things, the VRP characters or VIN number will be stated in the Vehicle Card. These basic vehicle identification data are not editable. If for any reason you need to change the VRP characters, write a request to Please attach a current copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate so that we can verify the validity of the action and the data.

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Specific examples in the CCC system

The vehicle is in motion, but in the section of Trip Reports Overview (in the online window below the map) 0 km is displayed, no drive. Why is that so?

In the section of Trip Reports Overview, I miss the refuelling reports, which are stated in the invoice from the refuelling company. The import should have been generated automatically. What was this situation caused by?

There was a situation where the system imported refuelling report but did not process it. Refuelling can be found in the tab Vehicles – Refuelling – Refuelling Import- Status: Not processed. How to solve this situation? See the following question.

In the Imported Refuelling, Unprocessed Refuelling is marked in red. Why and what can be done about it?

The possible reasons why this refuelling was not processed might be: the refuelling was performed via a refuelling card whose name (identification data) does not correspond to any of the monitored vehicles. Therefore, the system could not assign refuelling to any vehicle. The date and time of the refuelling in question do not match with any trip report data, that is, the vehicle was not at a gas station at the time of refuelling, the refuelling card was used to refuel another vehicle, the driver forgot to turn off the ignition during refuelling process. Consequently, the trip to the gas station was not completed nor generated by the system.

We have a new vehicle which our GPS unit has been installed in. However, I do not see this new vehicle in the List of Vehicles. How is it possible?

As part of your access, you are entitled to certain vehicles, excluding the vehicle in question. Apply for an authorization via the Extension Request Form (found in the Download Documents).

I made a tachometer correction and the difference between the tachometer register in the vehicle and the system is more than 500 km. Is such a difference permissible?

When entering the tachometer correction into the system, the decisive factor is the% difference, which should be within ± 3%. The absolute value is then calculated as a percentage for all rides from the date of the last correction. If this difference is higher than the permissible tolerance, e.g. 10% and more, please contact our Hotline Department. The data accuracy must be verified in such a case. However, before doing so, please check whether the kilometrage date in the vehicle coincides with the correction entering date.

In the Trip Report Overview, N/A appears instead of the driver’s name. What can be done about it?

If RFID chip or Dallas key are being used to identify a driver in a vehicle, it may be caused due to the following: the RFID chip (Dallas key) damage, or vehicle reader damage. In such cases, contact our Hotline Department. We will arrange a technical inspection free of charge and the device will be either checked and repaired or exchanged. If a driver does not sign-in after starting the vehicle´s engine, e.g. when a driver forgot his chip. If you do not use the abovementioned driver´s identification process, it is possible to assign a driver into the vehicle via the vehicle card (select the driver from the drop-down list).

RFID chips are used for driver´s identification. Can such a chip be assigned to another user-driver when its previous user-driver has terminated from employment?

Yes, it can. Firstly, remove the chip from a driver who has terminated from employment. In the system, in his card, click on the assigned chip number (in the list of drivers, only an empty round brackets will appear next to his name). By doing this, the chip number will be moved to the list of available chips that you can assign to a new user-driver.

Video tutorials

Our video tutorials will also make your work with the system and mobile application clearer. Here you will find instructions on the system basic settings, logbook work and report creation. If you wish to get the data provided directly in your mobile phone, the tutorials about working with the mobile application will help you.

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