Car Rental

Reservation system and fleet management request system (reference vehicles, pool vehicles and rental companies), reservation and approval according to the needs of employees and the employer.

The Car Rental System is a comprehensive tool that provides a simple and effective solution for reference or pool vehicles, both for small and large companies. It also offers the opportunity to address carsharing for multiple companies together.

Car rental is a tool that quickly gets all participants. Everything is perfected and the main system purpose is to be easily operated by its users.

Advantages of the system:

The "Car Rental" reservation system enables comprehensive fleet management of reference vehicles, including the related administration - submission and approval of applications (requests), vehicle assignment, as well as their further monitoring, evaluation and so on
by a calendar and reports, it provides an overview of the status of processed form applications, as well as the occupancy of reference vehicles
the system provides the possibility of editing and subsequent printing of documents
system (fleet management) can be connected to the Commander Control Car GPS vehicle monitoring system

The application allows access on 4 levels:

Employee - user
Head of Department - superior
Fleet Manager - admin

It is possible to set associated functions for each access (e.g. the superior can also have the user’s rights to be able to enter his own requests, the admin can also have administrator rights, etc.)

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