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Market Leader

We have been operating in the field of GPS vehicle monitoring since 2005 and have a market share of more than 30%.
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Non-stop Line

We approach our customers individually and we are available for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Stability and Professionalism

Our customers are internationally active companies and we are part of the IT holding, Seyfor.
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Free trainings

Our goal is to provide a service that can be used by our customers to the fullest, which is why we organize regular trainings (free of charge).


Proven in practice

  • Commander - referencie - SPS
  • Commander - referencie DPD
  • Commander - referencie - JOJ
  • Commander - referencie - Hossa family
  • Commander - referencie Agroservis
  • Commander - referencie Nadok
  • Commander - referencie Eurofins
  • Commander - referencie Pilulka
  • Commander - referencie Dhollandia
  • Commander - referencie Nika
  • Commander - referencie Photo Academy
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Numbers and statistics

What do the results say?

35 %

EN commanderSavings in Vehicle Kilometres Travelled up to 35%+

15 %

EN commanderFuel savings of more than 15%+

15 – 30 %

EN commanderTotal costs savings and optimization of 15 – 30 %+


EN commanderControl and safety enhancement 24/7+

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