Fuel Safety Cap TRAK

The TRAK cap is an effective solution that will protect your company from fuel theft. Thanks to it, you get immediate access to information about when and where the fuel cap was opened and closed. A notification will immediately inform you of unwanted manipulation.

Main Benefits

What are the benefits of the TRAK cap?

ikona - Dvojitý systém ochrany

Double Protection System

It detects both unauthorized opening (outside the reserved zone) and unauthorized manipulation (attempt to open the tank).
ikona - 5-lamelový zámok

5-lamella lock

Locking system based on a 5-lamella automotive lock.
ikona - Kompatibilita s GPS lokátorom

Compatible with GPS locator

It monitors the status of the fuel cap using a GPS locator and records its opening in the logbook.
ikona - Upozornenie na krádež paliva

Fuel theft alert

In case of tampering, it may trigger an external siren or send a notification to the customer.
ikona - Bezdrôtové riešenie

Wireless solution

It works via encrypted Bluetooth communication.
ikona - Jednoduchá inštalácia

Easy installation

It is quick and easy to install. Without a lengthy procedure.
ikona - Batéria s dlhou výdržou

Long-lasting battery

No need for charging. Includes a long-lasting Li-lon battery.
ikona - Široké využitie

Wide use

The device is suitable for most vehicles. Bayonet diameter 105 mm.

Practical Questions

What vehicles is it suitable for?

  • The device is compatible with a low bed.
  • It is adapted to fit the standard fuel neck (outer diameter 105 mm).
  • It is made of high-quality material (technical polymer) that can withstand external influences.
  • Impermeability is guaranteed by a strong seal with an FPM structure.
  • It is also compatible with other safety fuel theft protect devices (e.g. strainer).

Technical Parameters

What are the technical specifications?

Model TRAK-01
Dimensions Ø 135 mm x 30 mm
Weight 350 g
Power source Internal battery
Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Communication BLE 5.1
LED indication Yes
Lock 5 Lamella
Max. antenna output power 4 dBm
RF Receiver Accuracy -97 dB

Do you want to put an end to unauthorised pumping of fuel?