A Logbook is an accounting document that contains data of vehicle business trips. Its management will allow you to claim 100% of the fuel costs. Start the electronic Logbook!

Main Benefits

What will the Logbook bring you?

Parameters and Features

Data in one place

  • set-up of the type of a trip (private, business)
  • trip data (start and end time, direction)
  • exact route data (display on the map, distance)
  • additional information about trips (purpose, notes, documents)
  • information about fueling (payment method, number of liters, total sum)
  • driver assignment (to a vehicle or trip)
  • switching to operating hours measurement (e.g. work machines)
  • well-arranged outputs and reports (for a vehicle, driver, period)

Mobile app

Mobile eLogbook

Have your fleet constantly under control thanks to the mobile application Commander APP.

The app provides quick access to the Logbook from anywhere and anytime. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Do you want to know what could be saved in your company, whether it be money or time?

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