We thank all our clients for their trust. Check below how satisfied they are with vehicle monitoring and what it has brought to their business.

They said about us

Satisfied customers

"Commander is a transparent online system where we can see all our cars and work proactively with them. An excellent tool for creating a logbook that can be generated instantly. It saves time and exempt us from administration. It was possible to test the system on our own cars before a final implementation."

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Ľuboš Baran


"Since we have implemented the Commander system in our company, the management of our fleet has become simple and clear. The cooperation with Commander is really fantastic and professional. They are really fast, consistent and what we do appreciate the most is that "nothing is impossible for them". In addition to the transparency of data management and reporting, our employees have also changed their approach as they know that we can see them when we want so they do not abuse the employer's trust. We have successfully "burned" the previously used logbooks and stepped into the world of technological progress. I do know we chose the best."

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Andrea Kurucová

HR Manager

"The provided services have brought us better management of vehicles, costs and logbooks for drivers. We are gradually planning to use the offered services on a larger scale."

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Ján Smuda

Facility Services & Fleet Specialist

"This is what I would like to say about the Commander system we use. Their system helps us with the administration of the vehicle fleet, as well as with an overview of refueling. We also have an overview of who uses the car, how the user drives when the fines come. Moreover, whether the use of vehicles is efficient as well as whether the cars are not used for purposes which they are not intended for. Since employees know that the vehicle is monitored, they drive more considerately, according to regulations and do not drive any empty unjustified kilometers, which saves the company considerable resources.“

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Roman Danihel

Head of the Department of Motor Transport and Property Insurance

"We have been working with Commander Services for about 7 years. The biggest benefits are quick solutions for installations and possible service interventions, free service and a reliable, professional technical team. A big plus is also their sales department and hotline department support. The system is simple and clear. “

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Slavomír Osvald

Transport Director

"The change of supplier has brought us a much better system with better features and an expanded range of services for our needs."

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Peter Viczencz

Product Manager

"We have been cooperating with Commander for 5 years. Cooperation is at a very high level, as well as communication with the Sales Manager Mr. Fečka. I really do not have any negative comments, quite the opposite, just pluses."

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Richard Gajdoš

Head of Logistics

"Our vision of vehicle monitoring was fully covered by Commander Services, ltd. The key for us was the processing of fuel by division for driving purposes and subsequent processing of statements for invoicing and payroll department. We must highlight the simplicity of administrative processing and also the individual approach to our needs. Also a high level of professionalism and professional approach to all our requirements."

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Adriána Rupíková

Sales Director

"The Commander Control Car system brought us an overview of the movement of our delivery vehicles. It made it easier for us to keep our Logbooks and refuelings are automatically imported from our vehicles. Based on the evaluation of driver behavior in the system, we identified problem drivers and changed their negative habits with precise recommendations. Thanks to the connection to the Tachograph, we do not need to worry about regular downloading of DDD files and driver identification, which is done through their tachocards.“

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Zuzana Pazderková

Sales Director

"We are constantly on the road for the best photos, and since we have been using vehicle monitoring, we have been sure that the safety of our cars is simply on a high professional level. Our photographers as well as clients have an overview of where we are, when they can actually expect us at the place of shooting and, of course, we are exempt from the administrative work of keeping a logbook, refuelling, etc. Thank you for your great service!"

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Krisztián Káli

Founder and lecturer